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Rook is a classic game of gin/rummy with originality, December 3, 2004
Reviews: Erik J. Fritsch (Sioux Center, IA)

Hearts and spades are great games to play. The unfortunate aspect of them is that there are no rules for playing with more or less than four players. Rook can be played with 2-6 people which makes the chances for playing much greater. A highly educational game, it teaches children the aspect of strategy and tactical planning. These skills are not usually taught in schools and are a great way to learn them while having "fun" in the loose sense. Differing amount of players exposes new elements of the game with differing instruction. 5 Star Game.

Reviews: Michelle Taylor (Marceline, MO)

We have been playing Rook for several generations, too. We have such a large family and we all love it so well, that we had to invent a more deluxe game where more people could play. We came up with a game where we can play with 7 people. Even that wasn't enough though, so now we play high-low table. We get hours of enjoyment out of this game.

Classic Card Game., August 10, 2004
Reviews: tvtv3 "tvtv3" (Sorento, IL United States)

Created in 1906 as an alternative "card" game for those who believed that regular cards were sinful and of the devil, Rook is a game that people of all ages will enjoy playing. My family has played Rook since I was a very young child and I've never gotten tired of playing the game. I've enjoyed playing the game with my grandparents, aunts, and uncles as well as college students. There are several different styles of game play, depending on the number of people you have (2-6) and depending on how challenging you want the game to be. Rook is a great game for families to play and I recommend it to anyone looking for something a little bit different from the norm.

Great Game, November 15, 2003
Reviews: Matthew Mann (RALEIGH, NC United States)

Some of my fondest memories of my grandfather involve us playing Rook with my uncle and grandmother. It is my favorite card game by far. If you have three people to play with, I suggest this game over any other. It is great for all ages over eight. This game never gets old because as a player's skill improves the game becomes much more complex. It is a very simple game at first allowing for children but even a table of adults can enjoy the game including those with lots of card game experience. There are also many fun variations to the original, some much more challenging than others for players who want to change the technique required. The cards seem to deteriorate quickly but we did play many hours a week and had meals and snacks at the same time we played. We purchased maybe fifty packs in the years we played, new ones for vacations and such. The cards are definitely worth the $9.99 and once you buy the deluxe set once the cards can be replaced for around $6.00 from Wal-mart or Target in non-deluxe form. The deluxe is a great buy though because of the excellent book that comes within the box.

Family Fun, October 6, 2003
Reviews: Joella Jarman (Gainesville, MO USA)

The classic card game Rook has been the foundation of our family get together's for 5 generations. My fondest memories are of my grandparents sitting at the Rook table with my mom and dad. We still have the same laughs with our grandchildren. The ages involved? Well my dad is 96, my sister/husband 71, I am 64. Our children and grandchildren drive in from out of state and simply won't leave until they have had a Rook game with "grandpa" who is still a challenge. I really think his love for this game has helped keep his mind "young" and alert.

Rook is whatever you want it to be from simple to challenging. It teaches math and patience. It challenges your memory. It starts out with an appearance of a simple game. But let four old folks like us get the cards going and you soon realize it can also be a very deep game.

I highly recommend this wonderful family fun in today's world.

Fun and Strategy, December 31, 2002
Reviews: Jerry Douglass

Rook has provided our family (4 generations) with tremendous enjoyment with loads of strategy and planning. We have played two player (challenging, but loads of fun) three, four player and doubles (teaching strategy, memory and planning) mostly in a family environment.

Our children started playing as early as 5 and caught on fairly quickly, growing to love the game. We were able to teach them about disappointment and failure along with the challenge to get right back in and try again. Anger was not allowed over loss or disappointment; teaching many lessons about anger management. With a little care and patient instruction, the early age allows for a great parental teaching tool ... anything from basic numbers to basic math skills ... adding and subtracting along with many life lessons that we found invaluable over the years.

Nearing retirement, my wife and I still play doubles and expand with each visit to include children and grandchildren. What began in my childhood has continued now to the fourth generation and includes the spouse of our children as well.

We recommend it very highly and believe you will learn to love it as much as we!

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