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Since 1906, Rook has entertained millions and millions of card game lovers and now can be played online. It's much easier to play than Bridge, more fun than Pinochle, and more varied than Hearts. Rook is played online with a deck of 56 numerical cards and the unique Rook bird card.

The game is played by dealing out the entire deck and placing the "Rook" in the center of the table. Each card in the deck is assigned a point value. Players and teams bid to see how many points they think they will accumulate by the end of the hand. Win tricks to pick up cards and rack up the points. Just be sure to bid wisely--not making your bid can give your opponent a big advantage. The game ends when a certain amount of points have been accumulated.

Number Of Players: 1 to 6
Recommended Ages: 8 and up

Deluxe Rook

A deluxe version of the classic game of Rook, a favorite since 1906, now online. The unique deck of Rook cards provides hours of trumping, bidding, and trick-taking fun for players and partners. Comes with an 80-page book featuring over 20 variations of play.


With its numbered deck of 57 cards, Rook, the classic card game, has elements of everything: bridge, pinochle, and lots of trumping and trick-taking. Includes two "black bird" cards that can change the course of any match. This basic set gives you all you need to get started: the deck and the rules. Great for learning strategy and patience for online play.

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Rook - How To Play Online Free - Rook Card Game Rules
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Rook - How To Play Online Free - Rook Card Game Rules Rook - How To Play Online Free - Rook Card Game Rules